How sweet thy summer may be,

But winter rules supreme with me.

Snow falling all over the place,

Gives the look of a pure white lace.

As the sparkle of the snow starts subsiding,

The children start coming out of hiding.

The cold air seems to make his way,

But kids still love to go out and play.

This season will always be my friend,

I wish that it would never come to an end.

I know God that you have everything to do with this,

And I thank you for giving me such a great feeling of bliss.




The day will soon come,

When we will have to go out and fight for our country.

It is often wondered,

Why such destruction is allowed.

For it is no longer a man vs. man fight,

It is an ultimate destruction that can be uphelded upon us at any time and by anyone because technology provides for such devastation.

It is no longer an attempt for peace,

But a quest for such euphony to stop one from destroying one another.

Without a better grip upon our own initiative we will soon have the death and total destruction of the world and all that we have achieved.




The sirens blast but is the warning justified?

Where can we run?

Where can we hide?

For it is no longer a blast from a simple gun.

It is a more complex matter,

Involving a force which can bring about ultimate destruction.

Pressing one button causes alot of clatter,

Which ends up in a big eruption.

After that there will be no pieces to pick up,

And nothing to fix up.




When we find ourselves deep in the colors of kakki green,

Who is to blame?

Struggling over territory weíve never seen,

And wondering why we even came.

Is there a justifiable cause,

That we may risk our lives over.

Please stop and pause,

Before it is too late and we have to run for cover.

War is not something to be jumped upon,

You have to stop and think about whatís going on.




Off in the distance,

Two lovers go astray.

Who knows what may be the circumstance,

For no one would say.

What they need is guidance,

To help them overcome what has been done,

They also need some sort of sign,

What is this, could it be the sun?

No itís a magical lighthouse,

Its light shines long and bright.

Its rays are outstretching in an attempt to reunite.

Itís a beautiful sight to these lost souls,

It takes them down a road where they pay no tolls.

This road is completely free,

And on it they will be together for eternity.




Reach out,

Donít let those you love get far away.

If there is any doubt,

Let them know today.

Your love will always be there,

Each and every day.

And from your heart will come a tear,

If they go away.




You say your heart is empty,

But that is not the case.

What you need is some happiness,

To put a smile on your face.

So fill your heart with laughter,

Fill your heart with cheer.

And then maybe sometime after,

It will all become clear.




Thereís only so many times your heart can break,

Thereís only so much hurting a person can take.

Soon thereíll come a day when you will never open up,

All the hurt inside will continue to just build up.

Your love will never be available ever again,

And youíll wish that things would just come to an end.

All you want is someone to be there for you,

To love and cherish all the way through.

Is this such an impossible dream?

Maybe at times thatís the way it may seem.

Do you continue to pursue?

That choice can only be made by you.




Love will find a way,

Thatís what people like to say.

But is it true,

Can it happen to you?

You think things are going great,

But you find out it was all a big mistake.

You put all you got into trying to make it right,

Just to have them run out of sight.

They donít want to face you,

Leaving you guessing ďwhat did I do?Ē.

A question that you will always ponder,

A thought you will always wonder.




When is love true,

Youíll know when it happens to you.

Love is something felt deep inside,

Something you wonít be able to hide.

One look at your face will reveal,

Itís a feeling you can not conceal.




The pain I feel will never go away,

Itís a feeling I know that is here to stay.

My heart was broken once again,

I wish now that it would all come to an end.

They say not to think about it,

But it eats at me bit by bit.

Her face I can always see,

I wish that she were here beside me.

I understand things will never be the same,

But this feeling inside I will never be able to tame.

I will always think about what may be,

And I will always ask the question ďwhy me?Ē.




Friends are there through thick and thin,

They are there when lose,

They are there when you win.

A friend will console you when you are sad,

A friend will rejoice with you when you are glad.

When you need someone to listen,

Theyíll lend you their ear.

When you need some advise,

Theyíll help to steer you clear.

A friend is someone who will always care,

Make sure that they know:

You are thankful theyíve always been there.




Have you ever wondered why?

Feel like time may be passing you by?

Wondering what you can do?

Wondering who you can turn to?

Wondering who you can trust?

Wondering if itís love or just lust?

Weíve all felt sad and blue,

Iíve asked myself those questions too.

Itís a feeling inside that must be addressed,

Itís a feeling inside that must be assessed.

Keep your chin up,

Things will come your way.

It may happen tomorrow,

It may happen today.

In the meantime keep your spirits high,

And never be afraid to wonder ďwhy?Ē




You get up day after day,

Go to work at a job with more aggravation than pay.

Its something you can never get used to,

It feels like thereís nothing you can do.

You try to put a smile on your face,

But you donít want to be in that place.

You go through the motions like never before,

You watch the clock until you can get out that door.

I need this! I want this! Do this! is all that you hear,

Constant threats are held over your head for fear.

You know what you can do but youíre never given a chance,

Pretty soon you must stand up and take a stance.

But will they listen?

I doubt it, they never do.

Keep this in mind it could happen to you.

Now I sit there and look at my computer with a blank stare,

What once was a proud employee is someone who just doesnít care.



ILL FATE (AUG (1992)

Things will happen

No matter what you do,

If something can go wrong,

It seems like it will always happen to you.

When things seem right,

They never go that way.

When your dreams appear to be in sight,

They always seem to go astray.

You try to keep your hopes alive,

Believing that they can come true.

But it always ends up being,

That thereís nothing you can do.

You wish that there will come a day,

When things will not have to be that way.

You pray that it wonít be to late,

For youíve been cursed with ill fate.




You can count on me,

Wherever you may be.

When you need someone who you can talk to,

Iíll be there to listen to you.

When you need someone who will understand,

Iíll be there to hold your hand.

When youíre feeling sad and blue,

Iíll be there to see you through.

If you need some space,

Iíll back away.

If you donít want to be alone,

Iíll be sure to stay.

If you ever feel like no one will care,

Remember these three words: ďIíll be thereĒ.



HATE (AUG 1992)

You donít want to go through life filled with resentment and hate,

But you canít let yourself be fooled into thinking everythingís so great.

You take each day one by one,

Realizing at the end thereís still more to be done.

You work real hard to do what is right,

But in the end your goal is not in sight.

You reach for the stars,

As high as they may be.

Only to be left with scars,

That sting you emotionally.

You still try to keep yourself up off the ground,

A task thatís more difficult than it may sound.

You continue this pattern day after day,

How can you not feel any hate when it always goes this way.




They say nice guys finish last,

I can tell you that is true.

Constantly hurt and dumped on,

Is what we have to go through.

The oneís who cheat and lie,

Always have their way.

They can do no wrong,

Itís us nice guys who have to pay.

If you try to be nice,

They question everything you do.

If you try to be sensitive,

They wonder what youíre up to.

Youíre constantly being put to the test,

You want them to know youíre not like the rest.

So as I stand here at the back of the line,

I realize that this problem is not just mine.

This line is long and will never move fast,

Thereís no doubt in my mind,

Nice guys will always finish last.




There is a tear in my heart today,

One of my friends is going away.

I donít know what I will do,

She was always there to talk to.

There was always a smile on her face,

It made it easier to come into this place.

She would never snub you or walk away,

She would always have time for you in her busy day.

So as I stand here waving good-bye,

I canít help but have a tear fall from my eye.

She is someone we all will miss,

Out to her goes our best good luck wish.

We wish her success in whatever she may do,

Just want to let you know,

Weíll always be thinking of you.




I know a smile can not cure you when youíre sick,

I know nothing can make pain and sadness go away real quick.

A smile can however make you feel better inside,

It can bring out feelings that sometimes you may hide.

It can bring a sense of warmth and care,

It can remove from your face any blank stare.

A smile can lift you up when youíre feeling sad,

A smile can make you feel better when youíre mad.

So if I try to make you smile,

Please bear with me for awhile.

Remember that whatever I do or say,

Iím just trying to brighten up your day in my own little way.


My heart is under lock and chain,

And only you have the key.

Please open it with kindness,

And hold it as gentle as can be.

I trust you with my heart,

Please keep it safe and warm.

Donít let it ever be hurt,

And help it weather any storm.

My heart is very fragile,

It can break easily.

Remember when you are holding it,

You are holding a part of me.




Be sure to be yourself,

And donít ever change.

The person inside is who you are,

Donít be afraid that people will think youíre strange.

Be your own person,

Do what you think is right.

Choose your own path,

And remember not to just follow the brightest light.

If you find someone on this journey,

Donít be afraid to express yourself anymore.

Remember only those who like you for who you are,

Are the ones worth fighting for.




Oh tiny little snowflake,

Youíre there on a winterís day when we awake.

You fall from the heavens and cover the ground,

You do this without a whisper or even a sound.

You put a smile on our face,

You make the world a beautiful place.

When the kids see you they are as happy as can be,

Their excitement I wish you only could see.

You are so soft to the touch of a hand,

You make our town a winter wonderland.

But like anything else it must all come to an end,

Itís so hard to say good-bye to such a good friend.

Soon the temperature will begin to rise,

This to you should be no surprise.

You will slowly begin to melt away,

You bring an end to our winterís day.

But until that sad day arrives,

Please continue to fall and brighten up our lives.




Sunshine, sunshine you are so bright,

You provide us with our source of light.

You lie above the clouds so high,

Your rays reach down from across the sky.

You keep us warm on a summerís day,

You make it easier for us to find our way.

When you lay down to sleep at night,

You make the stars become so bright.

We know you have to go away,

Itís nice to know youíll return for another day.




They say money isnít everything,

But is that really true?

Tell that to your landlord,

When your rent comes due.

Tell that to the bill collector,

When your payment is late.

Tell that to the repo man,

When its your car he is about to confiscate.

The doctor that delivered you,

Billed your parents for alot.

The grave digger that will bury you,

Wants his money before he will dig your plot.

What a sick world that we live in,

It seems like there is nothing we can do.

All that people want is money,

And all that lawyers want to do is sue.

Iím beginning to believe,

Beyond a shadow of a doubt.

They get you coming into this world,

And they will get you going out.




Never let your dreams get away,

Pursue that dream each and every day.

Itís your dream and only you can make it come true,

You know what it takes and what you must do.

It may take alot of effort on your part,

But you should have realized that from the start.

Never give up no matter how hard it may seem,

Remember this is your life and this is your dream.




Fight for what you think is right,

Never be forced to give in.

Keep your faith and you will persevere,

Remember honesty will always win.

Itís in the end that you will realize your reward,

When you can come face to face with Our Lord.




The air begins to get real cold,

And the kids seem to go their own way.

The flowers begin to wilt and die,

And the leaves start to change and fall on this day.

The summer has become only a distant memory,

And your feelings toward it stronger and stronger.

The days are getting shorter,

And the nights are getting longer.

Thereís not alot of things that we can do,

Watching football and staying in the house is something we get used to.

So as I rake up the leaves from where they may lay,

I remember what comes between the summer and winter is a cold fallís day.




What you see is what you get,

This is a saying I hope youíll never forget.

What you see is me,

There is no disguise in who I will be.

What you get is real,

My thoughts and feelings I will reveal.

Finally I can be myself,

I can put what Iím not back on the shelf.

Around you Iím not afraid to be who I am,

You can rest and be sure this is not a scam.

You make me feel comfortable no matter what we do,

You give me a feeling I was never used to.

You leave me with something on which I can reflect,

You give me back my self respect.

So remember this will not change from the day we first met,

What you see from me is definitely what you get.




Be honest with yourself,

Try not to keep things locked inside.

Be sure to express your feelings,

Donít try to run away and hide.

If you do these little things,

It will make life easier for you.

Be sure to always remember,

To your own self be true.




Treat her with love and respect,

Sheís always there when you need her the most.

Never be afraid to tell her how you feel,

And when it comes to your love donít be afraid to boast.

Place her high above on a pedestal,

Thatís where she deserves to be.

Take her to far away romantic places,

Explore what there is to see.

When you have someone special in your life,

Be sure to treat her this way.

Just like in any Walt Disney Fairytale,

She should be treated like a Princess each and every day.




You only live once,

Make sure you do it right.

Live life to its fullest,

Never give up without a fight.

You can make it happen,

Just be the best in whatever you do.

Your hopes and aspirations are in your own hands,

Only you can make them come true.




Does anyone really understand me?

Do they know what they see?

Does anyone really care to find out?

Do they want to take the time to know what Iím all about?

I hope to be able to show you that Iíll always be true,

And to let you know Iíd never do anything to hurt you.

All I want is to be given a chance,

Around the truth I will never dance.

Just let me get my foot in the door,

I know youíve heard this many times before.

You can put me through any kind of test,

Iíll prove to you that Iím not like all the rest.




Everyone needs to have that special person,

One to love and be by your side.

Everyone needs to have someone who cares,

One who will listen and in whom you can confide.

No one wants to grow old and alone,

We all need someone who will be there till the end.

Everyone needs someone who is more than just a lover,

We all need someone who will also be a friend.

If you are lucky and have someone like this in your life,

Make sure your smart and make them your husband or wife.

Be sure to let them know from the very start,

There will always be a special place for them in your heart.




Donít be afraid to ask,

If you donít you shall not receive.

Donít ever give up on love,

In your heart you must continue to believe.

The things in life you want,

Will require alot of effort on your part.

The things in life you need,

May take some toll on your heart.

Donít ever stop looking,

Even if the path doesnít look bright.

For if you give up on your search,

Your happiness will never be in sight.




From off in the distance,

I can see her standing there.

She draws all eyes to her,

With her long beautiful black hair.

Sheís got something about her,

What it is I canít say.

The sight of her from across the room,

Can brightened up anyoneís day.

She walks with such confidence,

Her steps have so much grace.

She so professional and mature,

Sheís not just another pretty face.

I admire her for who she is,

And what she represents to me.

I only wish I could tell her,

What it is that I see.




That day has come,

Where true love is professed.

A day that brings two lovers together,

And where deepest feelings are confessed.

It mends all hearts,

From the young to the old.

It brings out happy feelings,

And warms you from the cold.

So remember as you sit there,

On this very day.

Someone out there loves you,

And remember these words I say.

All I ever wanted,

Was for you to be all mine.

Please open up your heart,

And allow me make you my Special Valentine.




Just when you think that thereís nothing to live for,

You find that it is your choice.

Thoughts start creeping in and out of your head,

You have to start to fight that voice.

Donít ever give up,

No matter what it may take.

The future of your world,

That is what is at stake.

Fight the good fight,

Like you never have before.

It may not be easy,

But at least you know what youíre in for.

No matter how hard it may seem,

Donít take the easy road out.

Remember to choose life,

Thatís what itís all about.




Soft and cold,

You fall from the sky.

You dampen the ground,

And make the grass grow high.

You allow the pretty flowers,

To open up and be bright.

You bring out the worms,

That crawl in the night.

You clean what is dirty,

With one little shower.

You make time stand still,

If even for only an hour.

Thereís a lot you should be thanked for,

Though never given a chance.

So itís definitely my pleasure,

To thank you and ask you if I can have the next rain dance.




That which burns,

Will burn all day.

This feeling inside,

Is here to stay.

Deep in my heart,

Is where it will survive.

Embedded in my soul,

Itís what keeps me alive.

My true thoughts and feelings,

I can no longer hide.

The love that I feel in my heart,

Is fueled by the fire burning deep inside.




The light at the end of the tunnel,

It becomes brighter and brighter.

With each step you begin to take,

The burden on you becomes lighter and lighter.

You have a chance now,

The chains are loose and you are almost free.

Donít ever look back,

Always look ahead that is all you need to see.

So as you get closer,

Donít forget what you went through to get there.

Take each step carefully,

And remember the road to success is not always fair.

It is something you can achieve,

But in yourself you must believe.




A tear can mean your happy,

A tear can mean your sad.

Tears can fall from your eyes,

It doesnít matter if your good or bad.

Donít hold your tears in,

For it could only cause grief.

Let your tears flow openly,

And they will give you relief.

A tear can be the only way,

To release the emotions we try to hide.

A tear can be the only way,

To express what we feel inside.




When two hearts pass in the night,

It can become a beautiful sight.

The magic of the evening fills the air,

Itís a feeling inside you canít begin to compare.

You wish time could stand still,

But you know in your heart that it never will.

You hope the love is here to stay,

You pray this feeling grows stronger with each passing day.

Only the future knows what it will hold,

Day after day it will begin to unfold.

The time is now to be honest and true,

You must take responsibility for what you do.

Donít play that same old game,

For the outcome will always be the same.

You are a fool from the start,

If you play games with the heart.




Always keep your hopes and spirits high,

And donít ever let anything bring you down.

Keep positive thoughts and dreams in your head,

Donít allow that smile to be turned into a frown.

Follow this motto,

And it will all become clear.

As long as you have your hopes and dreams,

There will be nothing in life to fear.




Look into the future,

Tell me what you see.

The paths we choose in life,

May not always lead to where we want to be.

Continue to make your choices,

No matter how hard they may seem.

The tough decisions in life,

Will make you earn your dream.

For if you take they easy road,

You will never learn from your mistakes.

It may get you there faster,

But you will never know what it takes.




Speak clearly,

Donít be afraid to be heard.

Say whatís on your mind,

To hold it in would be absurd.

Let it all out,

And get it off your chest.

Be open minded,

You will find out thatís whatís best.

See both points of view,

For yours is not always right.

You also need to know,

The answer may not always be in sight.

Donít be afraid to question,

That which you do not know.

Sometimes the only way to find a solution,

Is to open up your mind and let it grow.




Trapped under the ice,

I can feel the air diminishing.

Trapped under the ice,

I can see life finishing.

Everything is out of reach,

The sun, the moon, the stars.

As long as I remain trapped here,

This ice will be my prison bars.




Donít try to carry the world upon your shoulders,

For its weight will only slow you down.

Donít try to be everything to everyone,

For you may end up looking like a clown.

Do what you can with what you got,

For you can only do so much.

Donít be afraid to lend a helping hand,

We all at one time or another need an emotional crutch.

But make sure to take care of yourself,

For others may not care.

Itís not always a two way street,

Even though it may not seen fair.

So when itís all been said and done,

Make sure youíve looked out for number one.




The trees start budding leaves,

And the flowers start growing.

The kids are out playing,

And the grass needs a mowing.

The air is so fresh,

You can smell it on this day.

It brings out ours hopes,

For the summer is on its way.

The birds begin to chirp,

As they make their way across the sky.

They come back from their journey,

And once again above us they will fly.

You are the season,

Which makes us all want to sing.

You make us so happy to say,

Once again itís spring.




You donít always make the right choices,

No matter how hard you may try.

You wonít always know what is right or wrong,

Even if you are a ďnice guyĒ.

Try to do your best,

That is all they can expect.

Put your best foot forward,

Then youíll earn respect.

With that respect,

You can go a long way.

Knowing that youíve done your best,

Will get you through each passing day.




That time has come once again,

To dust off your glove and pick up a bat.

Wash that favorite uniform,

And put on your baseball hat.

The sun begins to shine,

Long into the nights.

When its rays become to dim,

On will come the lights.

The umpire will yell ďPlay BallĒ,

And the season will begin.

The first pitch is thrown,

And each team strives for a win.

You know by playing,

It will never bring you any fame.

But it doesnít matter to you;

For itís still one, two, three strikes youíre out,

At the old ball game.




Oh beautiful lady,

Thereís so much Iíd like to say.

Your beauty is everlasting,

It grows from day to day.

As I see you walk across the room,

Moving from here to there.

I canít help but notice you,

I canít help but stare.

Oh beautiful lady,

Iíd like to tell you how I feel.

If only you could know,

The love in my heart is real.




Itís capsized,

The boat is sinking fast.

Everyone prepare to jump ship,

For who knows how long it will last.

You can feel it going under,

But you donít want to give in.

No matter how hard you try,

You know you just canít win.




Living on the edge,

Walking that very thin line.

Living on the edge,

Ignoring any sign.

Living for the moment,

Allowing tomorrow to be another day.

Remaining on the run,

Ignoring any urges to stay.

Never knowing what will happen,

Just living life to its best.

Knowing that in the end,

There will be time enough to rest.




As time begins to pass you by,

You canít help but wonder why.

The days seem to go real fast,

You look up only to see just how much of life has past.

You donít know what to say or do,

You have no idea who you can turn to.

The time begins to draw real near,

In your heart this breeds some fear.

You begin to question what it is that you can show,

And what knowledge you actually know.

That time will come and you will begin to evaluate,

Only to realize that you have reached your own fate.

So as the years begin to fade away,

You will realize how much you cherish each and every day.




Learn from your mistakes,

No matter what it takes.

Always strive to win,

Never be forced to give in.

Donít be afraid to be wrong,

For in the end it will make you strong.

Your mistakes are yours,

And with them you can open doors.

Build yourself up based on what you have learned,

Use this knowledge to collect the royalties you have earned.

So remember what it is that is at stake,

You canít be a loser in life if you learn from a mistake.



B.A.D.s (SEPT 1993)


They rule this world today.

Remember to watch your back,

And donít believe a word they say.

They donít care about your feelings,

Or what they do to you.

Theyíll push and shove their way to the top,

And do anything they have to do.

So take a step back,

And just let them pass.

Because if you are in their way,

Theyíll just kick you in the ass.

I know that itís sad,

But itís still true.

Itís a vicious world we live in,

So be prepared for whatís in store for you.




The sky is so blue,

And world seems so true.

The sunlight is so bright,

Its glare is such a beautiful sight.

The grass grows so green,

Itís the brightest color your eyes have seen.

You see things no one else can see,

You make life all that it can be.

Whatever you do is a still a treat,

Youíre someone special in the eyes of everyone you meet.

To you things appear to be so real,

Itís all out there for you to touch and feel.

Everything in life can be so exciting, breathtaking and wild,

Especially when youíre looking through the eyes of a child.




That which we can not have,

Is what we desire the most.

That which we are told is impossible,

Is what we do just to boast.

Going against the flow just to be different,

Is how we all try to be.

Doing what we know we shouldnít,

And eating the fruit of the forbidden tree.




Keep the faith,

No matter how hard it may seem.

Remember to always keep your chin up,

And donít be afraid to follow a dream.

Continue to remain positive about everything you do,

By keeping the faith in yourself youíll always pull through.




Thanks is what we say,

For all youíve given us today.

Giving is what lifeís about,

Thatís beyond the shadow of a doubt.

Together they spell Thanksgiving,

A day that makes life worth living.

God puts the food we have on our table

He also makes our lives more stable.

So on this very special day,

Make sure you thank God once again.

For he has is more than just our Savior,

He is also our friend.




The bells are ringing,

And the children are singing.

The snow gently falls to the ground,

And the people of the world become homeward bound.

Christmas time is here,

And with it comes great cheer.

It brings joy to every heart,

It warms you up from the very start.

The sight of good Ole Saint Nick,

Cures the pains of all that are sick.

The faces of the children,

Are the most unbelievable sight to see.

As they first gaze their eyes,

At whatís beneath the Christmas tree.

Itís the most wonderful time of the year,

Itís something that in our hearts we hold so dear.




Love is like a poison,

It flows through every vein.

Love can bring you happiness,

It can also bring sorrow and pain.

Love can make you feel special,

It can brighten up your life.

Love can also bring you down,

It can cut you like a sharp knife.

There is no cure for its ill,

Only to just simply try again.

For if you donít open up your heart once more,

Youíll only wonder ďwhat could have beenĒ.




Once in awhile we have to just walk away,

Knowing that there will be another day.

If it was truly meant to be,

It would be there for our eyes to see.

In the beginning you may feel sad and blue,

But in the end itís whatís best for you.

So until you can bury what lies in the past,

A love for another will never have a chance to last.




You were my hero as I grew up,

Just like you is how I always wanted to be.

You took me under your wing,

And showed me what there was in life to see.

You were a special friend,

When I needed one the most.

You made me so proud,

And about you I will always boast.

I have only one major regret,

That our time together was not very long.

However I know in my heart,

That you are up in heaven where you belong.

You meant so much to me,

And there is nothing for you I wouldnít do.

Iíd sell my soul and take years off my life,

Just to spend another day with you.


* Dedicated to the memory of my late grandfather, William J. English,

Iíll never forget you and someday we will be together again. I love you.




We all think we canít be hurt,

But deep down inside we know thatís untrue.

Just when you think youíve grown strong enough,

Something will usually happen to you.

No one is invincible,

No matter how hard they may try.

We all bide our time in this world,

And we will all one day die.




As sure as the sun will shine,

Someday I will make you mine.

I will earn your trust and love,

And I will continue to show you what Iím made of.

One thing you can be sure of from the very start,

Thereís nothing but love that fills my heart.




They say we are all crazy,

But who can be the judge.

As we stand at the edge looking over insanity,

Let he whoís never felt lost in life give the first nudge.

Craziness builds inside each and everyone,

Only its release is different from person to person.

There is no real way to stop its breeding,

Only a way to control its internal bleeding.

So next time someone tells you that youíre crazy,

Remember they have no business pointing any fingers at you.

They have no right to pass judgement,

Or question what you do.

The only judge can be yourself,

Itís you who must choose the path on which you must stay.

Let them know not to bother giving you a shove,

For you will take that next step by yourself and let the chips fall where they may.




Look out for the monster,

Donít get in its way.

You better run for your life,

Or you could become one of its prey.

The monster is so scary,

Itís not a pretty sight.

Any confrontation you may have,

Will leave you with a sense of fright.

Iím afraid to look in the mirror,

For the fear of what I may see.

I could see something I donít want to know,

That monster could very well be me.




All the memories of the past,

Forever in my heart they will last.

They bring me back to a time that meant so much to me,

They take me to a place where I would rather be.

Even if for only a few minutes they warm me up inside,

I can escape the troubles of today and runaway and hide.

So as long as I have my memories to recall each and every day,

My yesterdays will never ever be that far away.




I donít want to set the world on fire,

I just want my fair share.

All I want is to feel love and happiness,

Is that so unfair?




Iím alone again,

Just as I have always been.

No matter how hard I may try,

Iíll never understand the reason why.

It continues to happen day after day,

For someoneís love again I will pray.

My prayers never ever come true,

I doesnít seem to matter what I do.

One day Iíd like to close my eyes and count to ten,

Hoping when I open them I will never be alone again.




The final chapter is here,

In bold text it will soon appear.

It may not be the way you wanted it to read,

It may cause your heart to begin to bleed.

As the whole story begins to unfold,

There is a possibility the truth may remain untold.

Whatís written on paper is not always true,

Most of the time thereís nothing you can do.

You put up your best defense,

Only to still be charged with a wrong offense.

The Governor can not stop this unjust execution,

Because this death will never lead to a revolution.

The time has come and the execution begins,

So I pray to the Lord to please forgive my sins.




Fly and be free,

As free as life will allow you to be.

The burden that was once carried will soon disappear,

The light at the end of the tunnel is drawing near.

Go towards the light without any doubt,

And you will experience for yourself what lifeís all about.

Take your chances and run real fast,

For who knows how long the opening will last.

The time has come and you must get away,

But for the poor souls left behind you must continue to pray.




If only I could find the words,

You would understand how I feel inside,

If only I could express myself to you,

You would see those feelings that I had to hide.

If only are easy words to say,

I just wish that I could make my dream come true.

All I want is to let my feelings be known,

And just be close to you.




Live for today,

Forget about tomorrow.

Be happy for what you got,

Donít hold your head in sorrow.

Keep positive,

No matter what you do.

Go forward in life,

Be happy to just be you.

Seize the moment,

For who knows when it will come again.

You have to take your chances in life,

Or you will just worry about what might have been,




The end is always so tough to take,

Your pride and your feelings are what is at stake.

Itís always so hard to say good-bye,

Alot of times we are left wondering why?

You still want to remain friends,

But we all know that is difficult when it ends.

Final good-byes are not easy for anyone,

For in the end no one has won.




You see what others canít even see,

Or what they refuse to admit will be.

You try not to get involved or in the way,

Knowing that forever on the outside you will probably stay.

As you watch their hurt gradually turn to pain,

The feeling of nothing that you can do will always remain.

Soon you begin to realize youíll never ever win,

For you will always be on the outside looking in.




Should I go through with it,

This question remains with me day after day.

I reach to pull the trigger,

Only to say not today.

I raise the barrel of the gun,

Until itís almost to the edge of my head.

Only to realize at that moment,

Iíd rather live for another day instead.

These thoughts keep coming and going,

Fighting them becomes more of a chore each day.

As the pain inside becomes greater and greater,

My will to go on seems to only slip further away.

Just when I think itís under control,

It starts all over again.

Thereís only one thing I want to make sure of,

That itís quick and painless in the end... good-bye!! <BANG!>




Thereís a chill in the air,

It can be felt and seen in any blank stare.

As usual evil has won again,

And good is left a distant friend.

Will it ever change,

I doubt it for love is very strange.

The chill can definitely be felt today,

For another coldhearted user has gotten his way.




Satanís hand stretches out far and wide,

People sell their souls and even their pride.

How far do they go,

Some will even become a true follower of this evil foe.

They sell out on life as we know it today,

Only to be guided by his evil way.

They are led by broken promises and empty dreams,

Because things are not always as it appears or seems.

So as they journey down the path on which good must hide,

They need to question for themselves whether it is really worth it to be on the dark side.




You prepare for the moment,

Imagining how it will be.

You close your eyes,

Trying to picture what you will see.

Then it arrives,

And it is over real fast.

But those feelings in your heart from that first kiss,

Will be cherished in your memories and will forever last.




Oh pretty rainbow you are so high,

You stretch your beauty across the sky.

Your colors are so vivid and new,

Youíre made up of a breathtaking red, yellow, green and blue.

After a rainy day off in the distance you are sure to appear,

Spreading your utter beauty and charm to all that are near.

Through the generations stories of leprechauns and treasures have been told,

But it is the feeling that you leave me inside that is truly my pot of gold.




In the middle of the night,

You wake up with such a fright.

You hear footsteps walking across the floor,

Youíre afraid to check behind the door.

The covers get pulled over your head,

You want to get up but you remain in bed instead.

You lay there in constant fear,

Especially as the steps draw near.

You finally had enough and you run to the door,

Having no idea what you might be in for.

You grab the door nob and turn it real fast,

The moment you dreaded is here at last.

But you glance behind the door and no one is there,

Realizing then it was just another pointless nightmare.




Things look good,

Then they look bad.

Some days you feel happy,

Then you feel sad.

Just when you pick up the pieces,

And begin to fill in any gaps.

Things tend to take a turn for the worse,

Leading to another painful relapse.




There exists a place,

Far far away.

Where people can go,

Getting away from the troubles of today.

Where dreams become reality,

And wishes always come true.

Where there is no such thing as sadness,

And youíll find joy and happiness in everything you do.

So come along on this journey with me,

Iíll take you to a place filled with your every fantasy.




A compliment may not always be easy to take,

Especially if you feel ulterior motives are at stake.

Sometimes you have to learn to trust someone,

Forget about the hurt in the past and what has been done.

So remember if I compliment you,

Please donít take it the wrong way.

If I didnít think it was deserving,

I wouldnít be writing this poem today.




Once youíve gone forward,

Itís hard to go back.

Itís hard to pick up any pieces,

If theyíve fallen through a crack.

To do it all over,

Is all that you ever ask.

It may seem very easy,

But itís often a difficult task.

To be able to correct all the wrongs of your life,

No matter what may be the circumstance.

To be given an opportunity to do it all over again,

And to be just given a second chance.




It feels tighter and tighter,

As you begin to gasp for your last breath.

Your time remaining gets shorter and shorter,

As you get closer to your death.

You canít even squirm,

To try to get loose.

For your time has come,

And you are destined to die in the hangmanís noose.




You live,

You die.

You steal,

You buy.

You beg,

You borrow.

You rejoice,

You sorrow.

You sing,

You sigh.

You laugh,

You cry.

You run,

You walk.

You keep quiet,

You talk.

You invest,

You sell.

You whisper,

You yell.

You skip,

You hop.

You go,

You stop.



Oh lucky star,

I wish upon you every night.

Youíre off in the distance,

But youíre still so beautiful and bright.

You possess a special power,

And itís reflected in what you do.

If I could ask just one more favor before I die,

Please share your gift and make my wish come true.




We should give thanks every day,

Either in our actions or the words we say.

Thanks is not said nearly enough,

Often we try to act too tough.

It should be something thatís always on the tip of our tongue,

It should be something thatís not just used by the young.

So whether you are five, ten, twenty or seventy two,

You should give thanks everyday for everything that God has given you.




The beauty that lies within,

Can only be seen by those who take the time to look.

The love that you will experience,

Will definitely be worth the time it took.

The object is not to shield your eyes and be blinded,

But to open them to all that may be.

For if your perspective is clear and not clouded,

You will be amazed by what you will see.




Does anyone know who lies behind the mask?

Does anyone care enough to even ask?

Who is he and what does he stand for?

Does anyone really know whatís in store?

You donít have to fear the man behind the mask,

Just because on the outside he may appear different from you or me.

You shouldnít treat him like an outcast,

Or judge him based solely on what you see.

Remove the mask and heís just like anyone else,

He has thoughts and feelings too.

All he wants is to be accepted for who he is,

And not to be judged without knowing what he can do.




The shovel full of dirt is lifted,

And on the box it is thrown,

You are unable to let out a whisper,

Not even a grunt or moan.

You start to feel the sensation,

As the dirt hits just above your head.

In case you havenít realized it by now,

Chances are youíre already buried and dead.




If I were to die tomorrow;

I would give thanks to God,

For the time he gave me on this earth.

If I were to die tomorrow;

I would also need to apologize to him,

For not utilizing it to all its worth.




They say the grass is always greener,

On the other side of the fence.

This statement is usually true,

And it does make alot of sense.

For on the surface,

It may appear as fresh and green as everyone has said.

But when itís cut and you get to the bottom of it all,

Youíll realize underneath itís just as brown and dead.




A gentleman is a dying breed,

His extinction has been caused by lust and greed.

Itís hard to trust anyone in the world today,

Therefore itís hard to believe any words they may say.

So until people can begin to trust once again,

A gentlemanís life will continue to just be a dead end.




Ghosts and goblins rule this night,

They leave you with a sense of fright.

There is an eerie feeling in the air,

Walk real slow if you dare.

Keep your head up and always look around,

Pay attention to each scream or weird sound.

For youíll never know who or what you will meet,

When you go out for trick or treat.




Keep your spirits high,

And never ever say die.

Always try to show that smile,

Because in the end itís all worth while.













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