Good guys go to heaven,

Bad ones go to hell.

Where will you fall in line,

Only time will tell.

For itís either the pearly gates,

Or the fiery pit.

The choice is definitely yours,

And itís you who will have to live with it.



TRAPPED II <Almost Free> (DEC 1994)

Trapped under the ice,

I can feel the air above starting to get warm.

Trapped under the ice,

I can now see a crack beginning to form.

Everything in my life that was once out of reach,

Begins to get closer to the surface real fast.

If only I could put my fist through this ice,

I could break through and be free at last.




Oh little angel of beauty,

You hover above the clouds so high.

Oh little angel of beauty,

You possess a smile that brightens up the sky.

Your beauty can not be measured,

Though many may try.

Itís just something about you,

Please donít ask me why.

For I am a mere mortal man,

And you are an angel first class.

If only I was deserving of someone like you,

Youíd see that any test for your love I would pass.




Is it too late for love,

Only you will really know.

Itís not an easy question to answer,

There simply isnít a yes or no.

You have to have that feeling deep in your heart,

A feeling that you may only experience once in your life.

But if you do encounter such a feeling,

Donít hesitate to make that person your husband or wife.



COMA (JAN 1995)

Thereís a deep deep sleep,

From which you may never wake.

It can be a very peaceful place,

But in the end itís your life it could take.

For a brief period of time,

Your suffering and pain goes far away.

But with each passing moment,

You begin to realize that in this state you could stay.




A fire that burns at night,

Has a flame that shines long and bright.

If that same fire burns during the day,

Its luster begins to fade away.

And if that fire begins to burn out,

Itís no longer worth even talking about.




Your dreams may be in color,

But life is usually black and white.

Things that may come easy in your dreams,

In the real world usually require a fight.

Reality is often tough to accept,

People donít really want to know the truth.

They like living life in the fast lane,

So they donít have to stop for a toll booth.




The clouds move in real fast,

And the sky becomes dark.

Off in the distance you can hear the rumbling,

As the neighborhood dogs begin to bark.

The sky lights up,

Then goes dark once again.

The sound of the thunder get louder and louder,

As the weatherman tracks where its been.

The lightning rods zig and zag,

Then crash violently to the ground.

Powers lines are struck,

Causing lights to go out all around.

Where once stood a tree,

Only a stump remains.

Where once stood a house,

Only a pile of ashes is left from the flames.

The storm may have come and gone,

But it left everything in its path in disarray.

It may be gone for now,

But you know it will return some day.




Happiness is..

Holding hands on a long romantic walk.

Happiness is..

A day spent together in the park.

Happiness is..

Something shared between you and me.

Happiness is..

Making life all it can be.

Happiness is..

This feeling inside which I canít compare.

Happiness is..

Knowing that youíll always be there.



TRAPPED III <The Break Through> (FEB 1995)

Trapped under the ice,

The crack begins to open wide.

Trapped under the ice,

My hand can now extend through to the other side.

I can now attempt to reach,

What once seemed so far away.

I can once again begin to breathe,

For the opening gives the air a passage way.

I may have been close to death,

Closer than many may believe.

But by never ever giving up and breaking through,

I know now what I can achieve.



ďTHE GAMEĒ <Strangers In The Night> (APRIL 1995)

Strangers in the night,

Are they friend or foe.

Strangers in the night,

Only after time will you really know.

Do you take the chance,

And open the door and let them in.

For if you know how to play the game,

Thereís a possibility you could win.

Life is often full of chances,

Who really knows what ones will turn out wrong or right.

But if you choose to play the game,

Youíd better be ready to put up a fight.




The sight of your picture,

May still bring tears to my eyes.

But itís the sound of your voice,

That brings back all the lies.

Whatís done is definitely done,

There is no turning back.

You have to go forward with your life,

And itís the past that you must never try to unpack.




The sky becomes black,

Blacker than a deep dark hole.

Lightning crashes to the ground,

Violently destroying everything within its reach.

Volcanos explode with great fury,

Molten lava covers every pore of the skin of the earth.

The ground begins to swallow,

All that walks upon its surface.

The cold dark face of death,

Accompanies you everywhere you go.

As you take deathís hand,

You can feel just how cold it really is.

The world as we know it,

Starts to die right before your very eyes.

Everything that was once so alive,

Has become extinct within seconds.

Corpses line the side of the roads,

Fragments of what was once life.

The stench of death fills the air,

Like the smell of rotten mutated flesh.

Only the weak will have had a chance to survive,

For the strong would tried to fight it.

Finally it has come full circle,

Itís what we have feared since the beginning of time.

It has happened despite all the signs and constant warnings,

It truly is ďThe End of the WorldĒ.




Sheís a little princess,

She walks with such grace.

Her beauty is everlasting,

It can illuminate any place.

The princess is so charming,

Sheís exquisite inside and out.

She possesses a special quality,

Itís something you canít measure or even talk about.

If only the princess knew,

How exceptional she is to me.

Iíd have a chance to be her prince,

And we could ride off together in the sunset so happily.




The cards are dealt,

The hand has begun.

There is no more time for shuffling,

Thatís already been done.

Itís time to play the hand,

The hand which you were given.

You must play these cards correctly,

Because that makes life worth liviní.




The journey of life has choices,

Choices we all must make.

As we approach the fork in the road,

We must decide which path to take.

Will it be the right one,

Only time will tell.

You could be on the road to heaven,

Or the expressway leading to hell.

You have to make that decision yourself,

No one can tell you which one to choose.

For when you reach the crossroads of your life,

Itís only you who can win or lose.




Life begins,

Then it ends.

Is there anything in between,

That just depends.

If you make the most of your time,

You will leave this world fulfilled.

But if you waste it,

You will leave it with a spirit that has been killed.

Death is tough to speak of,

Because no one really knows it well.

Death can leave you in heaven,

Or it can let you burn in hell.

But life is a whole different story,

Itís what you make of it.

Itís important to remember,

No matter how bad things may seem,

Donít ever, ever quit.




There is another dimension,

Not just of sight and sound but also of mind.

Itís in this other dimension,

Where reality is often tough to find.

Things appear normal from the outside,

But that is far from the case.

What looks like reality,

Is something different in this place.

So be prepared if you enter,

For youíve reached the area of the unknown.

Youíve passed through time and all logical dimensions,

And youíve entered the ďTwilight ZoneĒ.



PUT ME IN COACH <The Story of an Aging Player> (AUG 1995)

The metal that makes up the bench,

Feels extra cold today.

I sit here watching anxiously,

For my chance to play.

One by one,

They run on to the field.

Itís only to the coachís hand,

That Iíve been forced to yield.

The innings go real fast,

And the game is almost complete.

All Iíve ever wanted,

Is my chance to compete.

But as the day wears on,

I begin to realize that my prime is in my past.

So just put me in coach,

For this inning may be my last.




Life is like a candle,

It often resembles the flame.

As long as the candle burns,

It will have some sort of fame.

Once the flickering begins,

The end is surely near.

At that time it may be too late,

Itís that last breathe that you fear.

I only hope this candle realizes this,

And makes the most of what is mine.

I just pray to God that I donít burnout,

Before Iíve had my chance to shine.



REALITY CHECK <The Funeral March> (OCT 1995)

I grip the casket handle,

As we walk slowly down the aisle.

The journey seems to take so long,

It feels like over a mile.

We finally reach the end,

And we set it down in its place.

One look around the room,

You could see the sorrow on everyoneís face.

I myself had to wipe away a tear,

As I went and took my seat.

We have prepared all our lives for this moment,

Itís our Maker that we will soon meet.

But upon glancing into the casket,

I saw something I didnít expect to see.

The person laying there in a peaceful state,

That person was ME!!




When judgment day is here,

Who will be spared.

Will it be the quiet ones who took no chances,

Or the greedy ones who dared.

You can always run,

But from this day you can never hide.

You can try to disguise the truth,

But it will be known in the end that youíve lied.

The time has come,

You must take responsibilty for your actions on this day.

You have to straighten out what youíve done wrong,

So that the gates of heaven will open and you can be on your way.




Have you ever really felt like,

Youíre being put through a test of your worth.

That somehow, someway,

You need to justify your existence on this earth.

Youíve done everything thatís ever been asked of you,

Time and time again.

Youíve followed the book and played by the rules,

But when it comes to your reward you still need to question ďwhen?Ē.

This test is very difficult,

Iím still not sure if Iíve even passed.

The expectations alone that Iíve put on myself,

I still have not surpassed.

Itís tough to continue to go through this,

Each and every day.

But if this definitely is some sort of test,

I wish it was over so I could get on with my life and be on my way.




If I could have only one wish at Christmas,

Iím not really sure what it would be.

It could be a wish to relive part of my past,

Knowing now what I see.

It might be to change the path which I chose,

Knowing now where it led.

It may be to take back some of my words,

Realizing now what I said.

But there is one thing Iím definitely sure of,

I will always cherish all the people Iíve been lucky to call a friend.

So during this joyful Christmas season,

Iíd wish that our friendships will never ever come to an end.




As the tiny white snowflakes fall from the heavens,

The world becomes such a beautiful place.

These snowflakes continue to fall all day,

They fall at such a steady pace.

The kids are out making snowmen,

Their little cheeks bright red from the cold.

But that doesnít seem to bother them,

As their dreams of this season begin to unfold.

These are dreams of snow filled days,

And snowy winter nights.

Dreams of ice skating, sledding, snow castles,

And of course the occasional snowball fights.

The snow will come and go,

But these dreams will remain with them forever.

Itís the excitement and anticipation of this season,

That makes these snow filled dreams so clever.




Follow your heart,

For it definitely knows whatís best for you.

Follow your heart,

For it will help guide you through.

Your heart should be the first place you check,

When a decision is tough to make.

For your heart knows who you are,

And it will help you to avoid a mistake.

So next time you have to make such a choice,

Donít forget to check this very important place.

Because by following your heart,

Youíll be sure you are ready for what you must face.




Here I lay in peace at last,

For my time has finally passed.

Gently now I close my eyes,

Never again to be hurt by societyís lies.

Please donít begin to feel sorry for me,

For youíd be happy if you could see what I can now see.

So just remember no matter what anybody does say,

They canít hurt me anymore where I am today.




All fluffy and white,

They hover up in the sky.

Above all the housetops and buildings,

They are so very high.

Storing the rain inside their lining,

They slowly make their way.

Waiting for just the right moment,

To drop their raindrops for the day.

One cloud looks like a donut,

The other like a great big set of paws.

They can also look like dogs or cats,

Or even Santa Claus.

These clouds can take all shapes and sizes,

They are such a beautiful sight.

But sadly they become harder and harder to see,

As the day slowly fades away into the night.



L.O.V.E. (MARCH 1996)

L is for living;

Living your life knowing that thereís someone out there that loves you.

O is for opening;

Opening your heart to see just what love can do.

V is for vibrant;

Vibrant is how you will feel when you experience love.

E is for everlasting;

Everlasting love is what you hope your life will consist of.




The gift of life,

Oh how sweet it can be.

To be able to bring a child into this world,

And to show them all there is to see.

To be able to teach this child,

And help them learn day after day and year after year.

To be able to make them feel safer in this world,

By helping to alleviate some of their fear.

A child is something special,

They bring a feeling inside you can never replace.

Itís a feeling that is obvious to anyone whoís around you,

They can tell by looking at the smile that sits proudly on your face.













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